Melbourne Cup & Christmas Catering

Celebrating your next Melbourne Cup or Christmas Party without the pressure or worry

Occasions such as Melbourne Cup or your next Christmas Party are perfect for you and your team to relax and enjoy the day. Worrying about the catering is not the best way to spend the day.

We have experience catering for Melbourne Cup and Christmas Party functions of all sizes, whether it is for 5 guests of 5000, we have your back!

Catering for these functions can be daunting as you need to consider dietary requirements, tastes, and the needs of your guests.

At Ab Fab we are flexible and help you personalise the best menu option for you and your needs to ensure everyone is pleased and have fun on the day.

We will work with you to tailor the best menu; ensuring a delicious range of options that everyone can enjoy while having a great time at the event.

We have over 25 years experience catering for all occasions; from corporate functions to conferences at the Exhibition Centre, we know what it takes to deliver an outstanding catering experience, ensuring nobody is disappointed.

Our selection of menus

While we are flexible and work with you to customise your own menu, we also have different set menus that are suitable for any occasion. Our experienced chefs use their knowledge and expertise to prepare menus that offer a wide range of options.

If you don’t need to personalise one of our menus, you can just select that one that best suits you, and we take care of the rest. From lunch on the go to corporate breakfasts and afternoon, we can cater for every need.

For your next Melbourne Cup or Christmas Party catering needs, we are certain we have something just for you. Each menu has several options to choose from and based on different tastes and dietary requirements, we can adapt your catering solution.